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"Usually, when she opens her mouth respectfully, she offends at least one half of the country," Conway said during… https://t.co/HZaL8zXA6h


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The idea that today’s media had a liberal bias or that today’s left is radical is wildly ahistorical, but probably… https://t.co/XH3n7nn7hn


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Fox & Friends asks Trump if he will fire Sessions and Rosenstein the day after the midterms. "Well, I actually get… https://t.co/p3hoQLnCiw


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Trump called into @ShannonBream's Fox show last night... AND he's calling into "Fox & Friends" this morning... ☎️


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In case you missed our very first Women for America First Summit, Fox & Friends covered it and we are excited to sh… https://t.co/V1iSqSzNxA


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Among other things, it is absolutely insane that we have a president who gets his news from Fox and Friends. It all… https://t.co/R6rvDRfuRF


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A "Fox and Friends" guest made what she later said was a joke about alleged paid protesters waiting for their check… https://t.co/2Fim0kmlTQ


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Fox and friends anchors wide-eyed as fellow anchor talks about how races should not be interbreeding
Megathread: Senate Judiciary Committee To Hold Public Hearing On Kavanaugh Accusations, Vote Postponed
Megathread: Contradicting president, Giuliani says Trump repaid Michael Cohen for $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels
Megathread: Manafort, Gates told to surrender to federal authorities


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Man saves fox pup and gets a new friend


From Twitter
Trump on Fox and Friends just suggested giving Rep. Devin Nunes the Medal of Honor


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WOW Fox and Friends has to do clean up for Trump on pep rally while people dying- this is becoming a big story: Fox… https://t.co/KgtrO19BdM


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'Fox & Friends' deleted a tweet after being mocked for boasting of Donald Trump's 41 percent approval rating… https://t.co/G7kkfeANBs


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Category Four hurricane about to hit Florida and the president is tweeting grievance about his media coverage from… https://t.co/qBD05ZHJgv


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Trump tells Fox and Friends that Devin Nunes should get the Medal of Honor


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This gave me quite the chuckle, friends. https://t.co/XZaRIlVBPg


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Keep it up leftist loons. Your hate, intolerance, and utter lack of basic human decency and common courtesy toward… https://t.co/ZQH5Z5v7T5
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